Pasos para una buena cirugía de fistulas

“El primer paso para evitar varias cirugías de fistulas es realizar un ultrasonido endoanal.”

The ultrasound helps me to know how is the shape and  Slot Gacor Gampang Menang  complexity or simplicity of the fistula, this study informs me if the fistula compromises one or two anal sphincters, and if the compromise is little or a lot, among other data that we offer ultrasound.

Once the complex or simple nature of the fistula is known, it is decided which is the best surgical technique. For simple fistulas, a single path and little involvement of a single muscular sphincter, the technique is also simple with very good results, little or minimal pain and rapid recovery.

Las fistulas avanzadas ameritan técnicas quirúrgicas más complejas y recuperación más exigente

I always explain to the patient what Habanero type of fistula they have, and the best option of surgical technique, to obtain better results, the results  of a surgical technique depend on two factors, that the fistula does not come out again and that it does not cause some moderate degree of fecal incontinence.

For simple fistulas, traditional fistulotomy is recommended, in which it consists of detecting or opening the fistula in the upper part, communicating Gacor it to the lumen of the anal canal. The wound would be open. In other words, the fistula is like a superficial tunnel but after surgery the roof of the tunnel is removed and it remains as a channel, or open wound that after a couple of weeks begins to close with the help of some medications.

¿Cuáles son las técnicas más recomendadas para fistulas complejas?

Tratamiento de fistula con fistuloscopio más laser

In some of the complex  Slot Gacor Hari Ini fistulas it  is necessary to first apply a drainage seton to organize a single fistulous tract.

In any of the simple or complex cases, a very important step for an adequate recovery and for the fistula not to recur again is the control consultation where I exhaustively check the wound to prevent inadequate healing or a collection of infection.

Consultas controles post quirúrgicas

La recuperación de una cirugía de fistulotomia generalmente es de las menos dolorosa en su post quirúrgico. Mucho mejor tolerada. Pero aun así se le explica y entregan recomendaciones por escrito al paciente.

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